Brat Kid Destined for Conceptual Art Stardom Uses £6m Tate Modern Sculpture as Playground

By Gerald Lynch on at

Either this kid needs a lesson in social etiquette, or she's on her way to becoming a conceptual artist in her own right. Regardless, she's found herself in the middle of quite the Twitter storm after being pictured clambering over a £6.06 million installation piece by American artist Donald Judd at the Tate Modern in London.

Stephanie Theodore, a gallery owner from New York, brought the moment to the public's attention, posting the above photo to Twitter, saying: “Holy crap. Horrible kids, horrible parents.” Apparently, the child hadn't just climbed into the ladder-like Untitled 1980 sculpture, but had been encouraged to do so by her parents, with the adults refusing to acknowledge any problem with the behaviour.

Hundreds of art fans have chastised the parents after the image went viral. If I were the parents, I'd quickly pull together a statement saying how the whole thing was a performance piece to illustrate the moral emptiness and lack of creative opportunities for children in "Broken Britain". Or something. It's not as if weirder things haven't happened in the art world.  [Evening Standard]