British Bobsleigh Team Battered Into Shape by BAE's Fighter Jet Wind Tunnels

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yes, we have a bobsleigh team, and it's going to be taking part in the Sochi Winter Olympics. It might not capture the public imagination as much as when Wiggins did his victory lap of London, but we could win a medal -- and BAE Systems and McLaren have been lending their technical expertise to the effort.

To help the British bob team prepare, the athletes had access to the wind tunnel at the BAE Systems manufacturing site in Warton for a few days last year, where the men and their sled were battered by 80mph winds and filmed, in the hope engineers from BAE and McLaren Applied Technologies might gain a few aerodynamic positioning tips that may shave a few hundredths of a second off their run times.

Gary Anderson, performance director for the GB Bobsleigh group, said "We need this type of world-class facility if we are going to compete at the highest level. We can do everything we can do to get our guys to their peak but there is no question aerodynamics play a huge part in this sport, and that is where the experts come in."