Cheaper Netflix Subscription Options are in Testing

By Gerald Lynch on at

Prefer your movie streaming in standard definition rather than HD, and find yourself bewildered by the possibilities of streaming TV shows to more than one device at once? Then a new, "entry-level" Netflix subscription option could be just what you need to lapse back into Christmas boxset binge-viewing habits.

Netflix is trialling a new £5.29 a month subscription option which limits users to just standard definition streams and no more than one stream being played at a time (despite still being accessible across a user's multiple devices). Though not officially rolling out yet, those who recently signed up for a trial subscription are finding the new option being offered alongside the £6.99 (two simultaneous streams plus HD content) and £8.99 (four simultaneous streams plus HD content) price plans.

It's not a huge saving, but if you're a movie loving bachelor or bachelorette without a HD TV, Netflix just became a little more compelling. [TechRadar]