Church of England Issues the Nine Commandments of Twitter Behaviour

By Gary Cutlack on at

We're not sure if these Twitter commandments have actually come from God via the CofE or are just the work of a social media intern, so take them with a tablet of salt. What the list of nine Social Media Guidelines does offer, though, is the church's take on how staff (and everyone else) can avoid getting outed on Newsnight for being stupid online.

The church's Social Media Guidelines [PDF] offers such gentle warnings as "Would I want God to read this?" and the even more worrying "Would I want my mum to read this?", as the Diocese of Bath & Wells prepares its staff and followers for a world in which stupid things said on the internet while aged 17 and drunk can come back to haunt them when applying for a high-profile media job aged 28.

It's a thoughtful document, mind, advising church staff venturing online to use their real names, as the question "How can anyone really connect with an alias?" is asked of those who use social networks behind the safety of fake IDs. [Bath and Wells via Guardian]