Confirmed: London Underground's Victoria Station Control Room is Flooded With Concrete

By Gerald Lynch on at

Those hoping for a smooth journey home on one of London's most vital transport routes may be in for a bit of a nightmare tonight. News is coming in that the Victoria Line has ground to a halt between Warren Street and Brixton. The cause? Someone's flooded the signalling room at Victoria with quick-setting concrete.

A reliable source speaking to Gizmodo has confirmed the rumour, first posted by UsVsTh3m, stating that the concrete has indeed ended up far from where it should have been. Quick-setting concrete is regularly used by TFL maintenance teams in order to quickly make repairs overnight, ready for the next day's commuters, though we've not been able to confirm exactly how it has spilled all over the room yet.

Both the Victoria Line's own Twitter account and the Transport for London Access account are both advising travellers to find alternate routes at the moment, and warn that normal services may be delayed for quite some time.

Check out a picture, courtesy of UsVsTh3m, apparently showing the damage in the image below. We'll update the post with an official statement from Transport for London once we receive it. [Twitter (1), (2), UsVsTh3m, Londonist]