Corning's Going to Start Making 3D-Shaped Gorilla Glass

By Robert Sorokanich on at

Gorilla Glass, Corning's enormously sturdy scratch and crack resistant touchscreen glass, is pretty impressive, found on billions of devices worldwide. Now, the glass maker has announced a novel manufacturing technique to make 3D shapes out of Gorilla Glass.

The ability to make 3D shaped glass (which is different from flexible glass) comes at an important time, as smartphone makers are seriously contemplating a world where touchscreens aren't just flat planes anymore. And with wearable displayslooking like the next step for electronics, durable, 3D shaped touchscreen glass is sure to become a necessity.

What fancy new gadgets might be sporting it? Expect to find out next week. [Corning via CultOfMac]

Image: Shutterstock / Peter Sobolev