Crazed Ryanair Passengers Loot Drinks Trolley in Fury Over 24-Hour Delay

By Gary Cutlack on at

A nightmare Ryanair flight -- featuring an emergency stopover for medical treatment, a re-route to an alternative airport and a bus journey -- kicked off in terrifying fashion, with furious passengers said to have looted the duty free trolley and abused staff during their delay-hit ordeal.

French paper Metronews claims the aggro took place on a flight between Rabat and Paris, after an emergency detour to Madrid for an ill passenger turned into a 24-hour delay due to time restrictions at Paris airport. The delay meant the flight couldn't land at Paris, so was diverted to Nantes, then the travellers heard the three horrifying words no one wants to hear -- Replacement Bus Service.

An airport employee told French paper Metronews that: "They pillaged the aircraft for food, drinks -- especially alcoholic drinks -- cigarettes and perfumes, anything of any value. They behaved like animals."

The paper also quotes a passenger, who said: "After seven hours locked in a plane -- instead of the scheduled two-and-a-half -- people need to eat. We simply helped ourselves," although Ryanair claims there was no "mutiny" and that it paid for overnight accommodation for the 170 disrupted passengers. [Independent]