David Cameron Shamed Over Expenses Claim for 26p Tags and 38p Staple Remover

By Gary Cutlack on at

Powerful posho David Cameron's latest batch of MP expense claims have been published and scrutinised, revealing that the prime minister reclaimed a ludicrous 7p from the taxpayer to pay for a bulldog clip used to hold together files at his constituency office.

Cameron, who earns £142,500 a year in return for shaking hands with various world leaders and the occasional factory employee who is forced into it, also claimed back for paying the food and travel expenses of his office's interns. According to the Independent Parliamentary ­Standards Authority, Cameron also gets the cost of his office landline refunded and has claimed a total of £1,790.08 back so far this financial year.

Such tight receipt filing is standard practise for the self-employed, but won't sit well with voters stressing about where the money to pay for their next bulldog clip is coming from. [Mirror]

Image credit: Bulldog clips from Shutterstock