King of Kebabs Crowned at 2014 British Kebab Awards: Yes, That's a Thing

By Jack Tomlin on at

Want chilli sauce with that trophy, boss? It can't have been the most glamorous event ever held at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London's Mayfair, but the 2nd Annual British Kebab Award's took place there this week, with kebab superstars from up and down the country piling in to hear whether their meat passed muster.

The awards were set up by the Centre for Turkey Studies, with the aim of spreading a more positive light on an industry that hasn't always had the best reputation. The categories included best delivery restaurant (won by Mozz Restaurant,  London), best overall restaurant in London (won by The Charcoal Grill in Southgate), and best fine dining kebab house (awarded to Sheesh Chigwell, London). The winner of best kebab outside of London was a restaurant in Southend called...Best Kebab. It's a fix!

For a cuisine that can be much maligned, its brings in over £2billion to the UK economy. I would say I probably contributed about a quarter of that in the last year alone. Are you a kebab fan? Does your local grill house deserve recognition? Drop a tip in the comments below.