Does Technology Help You Weather a Monster Storm?

By Robert Sorokanich on at

Have you heard? We're having some pretty shoddy weather at the moment. Rain, wind, and excess flooding. Is that you? Are you using electrons and glowing screens to fend off the weather? Does that work?

A lot of expensive tech goes into predicting (and trying to control) what falls from the sky, but the average person on the street is still subject to the weather's whims. But if there's one unifying goal of modern tech, it's to make life as effortless and comfy as possible, including during inclement weather. For you, maybe that means ordering a bunch of take away pizzas online (hopefully without being a dick). Maybe you've got a fancy thermostat that you crank to the max as you're leaving the office, ensuring sauna like heat when you get home. Or maybe you use a weather app (or a bunch of 'em) to determine whether or not you'll actually set foot outdoors.

Or maybe you just binge watch a whole bunch of movies or shows. We're not gonna judge. Tell us what you're doing to brave the storm, or kill time until the spring thaw, in the comments below.

Image: Shutterstock / Marc Bruxelle