Eton Bans Snapchat in Effort to Calm Posho Sexting Craze

By Gary Cutlack on at

Eton College has banned its masses of future Tory posh boys from using mobile messaging app Snapchat, over concerns that, well, everyone's just using it for pinging images of their little Boris Johnsons to each other.

Of course, boys can still use 3G connections to engage in their sex photo fun via the Snapchat app, but the college hopes that by banning use of the app's servers through its in-house Wi-Fi connections some sort of message about not being a complete idiot is being sent to students.

Headmaster Tony Little said: "...we hope that blocking it on our network will at least make them think twice. This is part of our continuing effort to educate boys in the sensible use of technology." [Telegraph]