Exploding Whale 2: The Sequel

By Gerald Lynch on at

Now with added crane action!

Remember the exploding whale clip we posted up at the tail-end of last year (and, if you saw it, it's unlikely you'd forget it)? Well, it turns out it's not that uncommon an occurrence, as shown in the video above. This time, an even bigger, 25-tonne sperm whale is the combustable deceased beast, being lifted by a crane during a clean up operation on Carrasco beach in Montevideo, Uruguay.

However, the whale proves too heavy even for the crane, and crashes to the floor, where the build up of gasses inside prove too much for the flesh to handle, with the gigantic creature exploding as it hits the ground. You've got to feel for the bystanders this time around -- at least the last guy had a hazard suit on. But he was unfortunate enough to get sprayed with all kinds of red stuff. [Metro]