Fire, Punching, Toilets and Bikes all Part of "Neknominate" Binge Drinking Trend

By Gary Cutlack on at

Unruly boozers from Australian and New Zealand have launched an exciting new way to get too drunk too quick, with the concept of "neknominating" mates to drink in weird ways and filming the results appearing to catch on.

The idea is you drink your drink in a peculiar and/or dangerous manner, then pick a mate and tell him to beat that for levels of stupidity. And you can't refuse, else you may be considered to be a large ladies' blouse. This has resulted in Facebook and other social sites featuring videos (mostly filmed in portrait, which is quite telling) of wacky men drinking out of shoes, drinking while being hit in the face, drinking out of toilets and so on, while someone films it and laughs.

It's not an entirely pleasant development in the world of getting drunk, but there you go. Might make the evenings pass a bit quicker, especially if your friend tells you to drink an entire bottle of vodka out of the dog's drinking bowl and you're stupid enough to do it. [IBT]