Forget Horse Meat, the New Scandal is Fox Flesh in Chinese Donkey Meat

By Gerald Lynch on at

While the horse meat scandal rocked our food industry, to the Chinese the UK must have looked a right picky ass -- donkey meat is considered a delicacy over there. So imagine The People's Republic's dismay when traces of fox were found in its donkey dishes.

Fox, the obviously unpalatable culinary step too far, was found in the "Five Spice" donkey product sold by Wallmart, which has over 400 stores across China. The contamination was only found when a customer, known only by his surname Wang, complained that his batch, smelled, looked and tasted funny. Probably should have avoided the tasting stage of that assessment if it had already failed the smell and look tests, right? A widespread recall of the product is now underway

It's another blow to Wallmart's Chinese interests. The company, aiming to be perceived as an upmarket shopping choice across the country, has already come under fire for manipulating product prices and selling out of date duck meat.

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