Former Canadian Defence Minister Claims 80 Species of Aliens Mingle With Us

By Gary Cutlack on at

Paul Hellyer is (or perhaps was) a serious politician, rising to the position of defence minister within the Canadian government in the 1960s. He's now come out as being a true believer in UFOs and aliens, claiming they live among us here on Earth. He used to be in charge of things.

This baffling video shows Hellyer making his outrageous claims in an interview on TV, including a story of his own sighting of a UFO. He eventually suggests there are around 80 different species of alien on Earth, including some identical to humans that walk among us, like the notorious "Nordic Blonde" alien form.

He suggests most species are benign and just happy to be here on a sort of intergalactic holiday, though, so don't panic too much -- plus there's a sort of "prime directive" in place to stop them from intervening in human affairs. So unless you ask an alien to abduct you, it won't.

It appears, though, that Hellyer is basing most of his claims on assumptions raised by conspiracy nutcases in books and on the internet, rather than any actual facts he encountered during his time in government, save the odd unexplained sighting from members of the public. We think he's got the internet confused with a factually correct encyclopaedia.

Near the end of the clip he starts talking about teleporting people to Andromeda, aliens on Venus and Mars, and claiming LED lights were invented by extra-terrestrials, if you want to see it lunge into proper crazy-man territory. [YouTube via BuzzFeed]