Fortune Telling Chopsticks Predict Your Future but Not How Tasty Your Meal Will Be

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's the start of the Chinese New Year today (it's the Year of the Horse, for all you equestrian lovers out there), and to mark the occasion, Chinese restaurant chain Ping Pong has created a set of "Fortune Telling chopsticks".

The tip of each chopstick changes colour as you hold it, with each different colour representing one of the five elements of Eastern philosophy: wood, metal, fire, water and earth.

Can they really tell the future? Probably about as well as the Christmas cracker future-gazing fish can, to be honest (though that did manage to successfully predict my post Christmas-dinner malaise). Still, if the dining table chatter gets a bit dry, you can always feign that your "emotional mirror" is all "White-Metal" (meaning you shouldn't be letting "regret get in you way", according to the press release).

The utensils will be available on a first-come-first-served basis to 300 people that say “kung hei fat choy”  -- happy new year in Cantonese -- to Ping Pong staff over the weekend. I predict getting hold of them after that point may prove difficult.