Garmin's Tiny Dash Cam Never Forgets Where or What Happened in a Crash

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Russia seems to corner the YouTube market when it comes to crazy dash cam videos. That could soon change when Garmin's new Dash Cam hits the market in February. The tiny camera sits inside your windshield and records everything that's happening in front of your vehicle through a wide angle lens. And in the event of an accident, it automatically time-stamps and geo-tags that footage so in the event of an insurance claim or police investigation, there's no debate as to how events unfolded.

As soon as you start your vehicle, the Dash Cam automatically begins recording everything it sees to an included 4GB microSD card, but that can also be upgraded to a 32GB card if you live and drive in a particularly dangerous area. Using a built-in sensor the camera automatically detects incidents or accidents based on braking or sudden stops, and then stores the relevant video files with the added location, time, speed, and directional data. Otherwise, the video is just recorded over when the card fills up, until something happens.

A relatively tiny 2.3-inch LCD screen ensures proper framing when attaching the Dash Cam to your windshield, but also allows incidents to be replayed at the scene. And the camera can be quickly removed for taking snapshots of damage or other pertinent information when and if something happens. A cheaper version of the Dash Cam lacking GPS capabilities will also be available, but the added location data might just be worth it if the video ever ends up as a piece of evidence in court. [Garmin]