Goldfish Death and Volcano Obsession Blamed for Late Tax Returns

By Gary Cutlack on at

In case you needed reminding, it's nearly tax return deadline day. And to get the nation in the mood for the tedious act of working out how much money to willingly give the government, HMRC has released its ten stupidest reasons for late tax returns. Even the government is doing list features these days.

The stupidest excuse was that offered by a builder, who suggested the grief he was experiencing over the death of his pet goldfish led to his late return, plus a woman in London claimed her obsession with news reports of a volcano eruption put her off sending in her numbers. Bad backs, marital disputes, world tours and more were also used as excuses, but none were deemed believable enough to avoid the £100 late filing fine. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Tax return from Shutterstock