Google Seeks UK Approval for Drivers to Wear Glass in Cars

By Gary Cutlack on at

It appears Google's gearing up to launch Google Glass in the UK at some point, with reports suggesting it's been chatting with our government's Department for Transport about handling the legalities of being spotted wearing Glass while driving on the road.

According to DfT sources quoted by the Sunday Times, Google is open to making changes to how Glass operates to squeeze it past our road laws, with a DfT source saying: "Google are anxious their products do not pose a road safety risk and are currently considering options to allow the technology to be used in accordance with the law."

This reassuring chat with Google has apparently led the DfT to "soften its stance on wearable satellite navigation devices," so we may soon see Google Glass in the UK and a HUD satnav future about to become commonplace. [Glass Almanac]