Have You Heard the One About the Chilean Bridge and the Spanish Builders?

By Jack Tomlin on at

The project that would see the construction of Chile's first drawbridge has fallen into shambles as it has become clear that the bridge's builders have constructed one of the traffic decks upside down.

The $30 million project was due to become a landmark construction connecting the island of Teja and the coastal city of Validivia across the Cau Cau river. Inspectors checking progress on the project noticed the problem – just weeks before it was set for a grand opening later this month.

The country's President Pinera quickly tried to smooth over tensions after the folly started a social-media storm: "It can be fixed" he assured his public "and it will be fixed by the company that made the mistake."

The company in question is Spanish firm Azvi who have declined to comment on the matter. They have Public Works Minister Loreto Silva to answer to: "The only responsible party is the builder. We are going to make them answer for this"

There is no date now set for the re-opening of the bridge – we wouldn't want them rushing the thing now would we? [Huff Post]