Having a Toe Bitten Off Must Be the Gnarliest Way to Spend NYE

By Gerald Lynch on at

New Year's Eve is always messy -- even if you managed this year to navigate the horrors of a night bus route, your next-day hangover still probably looked like a scene out of Requiem for a Dream. But you've nothing to write home about unless you've marked the turn of the year by having a toe bitten off by a fellow reveller.

Sadly, this was an anger-fuelled incident rather than booze-powered party excesses. It seems a female house party guest had thoroughly upset her host by annoying fellow partygoers, and a fight ensued. Spilling out onto the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, the host pulled off a move that wouldn't look out of place in a Mortal Kombat game, knocking the guest to the ground and biting her little toe off.

Should old acquaintance be forgot? In this case, it's unlikely. [Metro]

Image Credit: Toes from Shutterstock.com