Here's What a Day's Worth of Computer Clicks Looks Like

By Casey Chan on at

Click. Click. Click. It's hypnotic. Click. You don't realise how often you do it on your computer on a daily basis. Click. It's almost mindless when you're reading websites on the Internet. Click. And cycling through windows and apps and. Click. Selecting text. Click And listening to music. Click. It's just so easy to ignore and forget. Click. Do we really click that many times?

Found by KottkeShinseungback Kimyonghun wanted to show people how often people click something on their computer in the installation Click. They wrote:

Open, Move, Log In, Select, Copy, Save, Quit...
Mouse clicks symbolise a special moment in time we spend with computers. A day of my computer-mediated life had been recorded by capturing a screen shot of my desktop every time I clicked.

More than you may think!