Homosexual, Childless, Tea-Making Couples are Happiest, Study Reveals

By Gerald Lynch on at

A lengthy study by the Open University into what makes long-term relationships work has been published today, revealing that gay couples tend to be happier with their relationships than heterosexual ones.

Quizzing 5,000 people and following up the initial research with lengthy interviews, the study found that small gestures of affection, such as making a cup of tea for a partner and bringing it to them in bed, were more appreciated than grand declarations of love. These acts were more commonly carried out by gay couples, whilst heterosexual mothers were found to be the least happy with their relationships, but happiest with life overall.

“LGBQ participants (lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer) are more generally positive about and happier with the quality of their relationship and the relationship which they have with their partner” the research states.

“Heterosexual parents are the group least likely to be there for each other, to make ‘couple time’, to pursue shared interests, to say ‘I love you’ and to talk openly to one another.”

The researchers admit however that it remains impossible to calculate what inspires true love. Aww. [Independent]

Image Credit: Pretty young women from Shutterstock.com