Hospital Worker Tweets About Reusing Shaved Patients' Hair as "Bradley Wiggins Sideburns"

By Gary Cutlack on at

A hospital worker who joked that he was going to use hair shaved off a patient to create himself a pair of Bradley Wiggins-style sideburns has been disciplined, with the old "harmless banter" excuse failing to save him from dismissal.

Hospital staffer Paul Nam, who worked at the Lincoln County Hospital, was tweeting under a pseudonym, but the fact he was posting very specific details about his daily duties, including photos of the names of surgeons and anaesthetists and the procedures they were due to carry out on a particular day, meant he was pretty easy to unmask.

The lawyer acting on behalf of Mr Nam claimed he was engaging in "banter" or "pub talk" and was frustrated by his slow career progression, but the disciplinary hearing came to the conclusion that had Mr Nam not already resigned, he would've been sacked. [BBC]

Image credit: Surgeon from Shutterstock