How Much Do You Reckon the Tooth Fairy Gives For David Shrigley's Brass Tooth?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Somewhere around £1,200 if the RRP is anything to go by. Hitting the London Art Fair this week, the limited run of 80 numbered pieces is a biting counter to the macabre body shock pieces by the likes of Damien Hurst and Andres Serrano.

Available directly from a UK manufacturer for the first time after running into "production issues" during an original US run last year, Shrigley describes Brass Tooth as follows, in typically offbeat form:

It is one of the heaviest small artworks that I have made. I imagine it will appeal to dentists and other people who are interested in teeth. It could also be used for cracking nuts with.

The Macclesfield-born artist isn't taking it too seriously then. And, before we all start moaning about the price, lets not forget that Shrigley is one of the more accessible contemporary artists out there -- from gift cards to coffee table books filled with original works, anyone can own a little slice of Shrigley without having to cough up too much cash. [The Multiple Store]