I Want Samsung's First Curved Monitor (to be More Awesome)

By Mario Aguilar on at

Usually when you think of curved screens you think of a bunch of curved televisions lined up in a row to create a cinematic experience. Curved monitors, though, open the door for better gaming and super-power-user computing.

Standing at the helm of a station outfitted with three of the 1920 x 1080 curved monitors though, you feel how much more immersive the experience is. I'm used to using two monitors when working at a computer but I end up angling them in, and still not really seeing or making the most of all of the real estate. With the curved screens you can see the entirety of three screens while only slightly tilting you head in each direction. That means you're way more likely to catch a notification (or an opponent) who pops up in the corner of your eye.

But really, these screens are a little big to only have Full HD resolution. The colour felt bland like it had a white wash across it.

Still, the potential of the technology is definitely apparent. Let's just keep working on it, yeah?