IBM's Graphene Circuit: A Genius Reminder of How Far Graphene Has to Go

By Adam Clark Estes on at

IBM's mad scientists have created a graphene-based circuit that's 10,000 times more powerful than existing alternatives. This radio receiver is so sophisticated and futuristic, in fact, that it can... send a text message to your friends.

Yes, unfortunately the best we can do with this incredible, ultra-conductive, one atom-thick material that is create a little chip that sends text messages. But humble as it may sound, this is actually a big breakthrough. According to IBM Research director of physical sciences Supratik Guha, "This is the first time that someone has shown graphene devices and circuits to perform modern wireless communication functions comparable to silicon technology." The researchers managed to send a text that said, simply, "IBM."

This, of course, is just another step on the long march of progress. Scientists and technology enthusiasts alike are excited about graphene because it bears some pretty phenomenal possibilities. But it's going to take some time to get there. IBM has been leading the way, first by inventing the first graphene transistor and more recently by figuring out how to make lightning-fast graphene CPUs.

So yes, it's just one text. But isn't that how all great relationships start? [Science via GigaOm]

IBM's Graphene Circuit: A Genius Reminder of How Far Graphene Has to Go

This is the circuit as seen through an electron microscope. That's the graphene transistor there in purple, labelled "GFET" for "graphene field-effect transistor."