iPhone iOS 7's "Screen of Death" Reboot Bug to be Ironed Out by 7.1

By Gerald Lynch on at

iOS 7, perhaps the most divisive software update in Apple's history of mobile devices, has suffered from one particularly annoying bug since launching last September. Random restarts have plagued a number of users, and finally Apple is doing something about it.

A substantial number of users have reported unexpected reboots of their iOS 7-packing iPhones (myself included). The problem sees the handset freeze before automatically soft-rebooting. Depending on the colour of the handset, users will be sent back to a white or black screen with the Apple logo, with those who've experienced the problem likening it to Windows' infamous "Blue Screen of Death".

"We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash," Apple told Mashable.

While Apple has yet to put a precise date on the firmware update roll-out, it's expected to land as part of iOS 7.1, the latest iteration of their minimal operating system, which is rumoured to hit devices at some point in March. [Mashable via Slashgear]