Lancaster Uni Plans Spot Fines for Drunk Students

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a sense of unease among student drinkers at Lancaster University's Lonsdale College, where university bosses have announced plans for a £200 spot fine for drunkenness along with a £250 fine for being seen buying a drink for someone who's clearly already a bit far gone.

In an email to students publisher on the National Student, Lancaster Uni bosses said: "Students found in Lonsdale Bar or coming out of Lonsdale Bar who appear to be drunk to a Porter, College Officer or Assistant Dean will be required to identify themselves and will be summoned to a disciplinary hearing."

Which is rather baffling, as no one seems to be able to understand the reasoning behind allowing a bar on the campus then telling people they can't get drunk in it. It's a bit like putting a pub on a motorway. [The National Student via HuffPo]