LG Home Chat: One Service to Tell All Your Appliances What to Do

By Leslie Horn on at

LG has a new messaging service that lets you tell all of your appliances—from washing machines to ovens—what you need them to do.

The service was announced at the company's CES press conference, and should go into effect in the next few months with the release of LG's newest line of smart appliances. Say you need to turn your oven on or you need to stop the dryer. Message via Home Chat and you can get these things done. It uses natural language processing to understand what you're saying to your smart appliances in a text message. You don't have to use commands—just speak naturally.

So in terms of real-world application, you can text the washer and ask "what are you doing?" and it'll say "spin cycle" or whatever it's up to. Or you can check with your fridge to see what's inside, instead of forgetting something at the supermarket. It's just like texting with your machines.