Mamma Mia! New Mario Game Can't Prevent Nintendo From Slashing Wii U Sales Expectations

By Gerald Lynch on at

Not even a highly-rated new Mario game and the fevered Christmas rush could help Nintendo's Wii U console sales from sliding further. Revealing its financial expectations for the year, Nintendo has now slashed its predicted Wii U sales from 9 million by the end of March to just 2.8 million.

With gamers instead focussed on the Xbox One and PS4, Nintendo is now also expecting to make a loss of 35bn yen (£205 million). Long gone are the heady days of the original Wii and DS's dominance, when Nintendo could post profits of over £3 billion plus change.

A ray of light for Nintendo's hardware concerns remains the Nintendo 3DS which, after a faltering start, is now proving massively popular, becoming the the best-selling console of 2013. And yet even its forecasted sales have been slashed from 18 million to 13.5 million. Is Nintendo on the cusp of having its Dreamcast moment?

Image Credit: Deviantart