Man Missing for Two Days After Tube Door Separates Him from Son

By Jack Tomlin on at

In what sounds like an unfortunate rendering of that scene from Sliding Doors, a Romanian tourist has gone missing after being separated from his son for two days when a Tube train shut its doors before he could climb onboard.

Vasile Belea, 63, was on his way to central London with his son, taking the train at Stockwell at 10am on Tuesday 14 January. Once the doors closed and the pair were split it is unclear what Belea did next.

Police suspect he might have caught the following Victoria Line service or perhaps he tried to return to Hackbridge, Sutton, where he was staying with his son over the Christmas period.

PC Richard Owen, from Sutton’s Missing Persons Unit, said Vasile cannot speak very good English and is also due to be returning to Romania at the end of the month.

Belea is described is 6ft tall with grey hair, was wearing blue jeans, a long dark black jacket and a black flat cap.

If on your travels you happen to see Belea, or if you feel you have more information on his whereabouts, police advise calling 101 or the Missing Persons Charity on 116 000.