Man Plunges From 800ft Cliff and Lives to Tell the Tale

By Gerald Lynch on at

As any fan of the Claims Direct adverts will know, even slipping off of a ladder can be life-threatening. To somehow be able to come away from a fall from an 800ft cliff face and manage to survive with only relatively minor injuries is nothing short of a miracle.

A miracle, then, that saved hillwalker Ollie Daniel, 25. Out walking with his father and a friend around the Cairngorms of the Coire Sputan Dearg area in Scotland, the trio were wading through treacherous snow storms when the accident happened.

"We were navigating in near zero visibility in a white-out," Daniel told the BBC. "As I was navigating I put my foot out and onto nothing, and fell down about 800ft of sheer cliff. You figure you have had it."

However, despite falling some 800ft (free-falling at some points and sliding down the rock face at others), Daniel escaped with just nine broken ribs, cuts and bruises. It took over two hours for a mountain rescue team to find Daniel, with the hillwalker sheltering from the elements inside his sleeping bag.

"You could not reasonably expect to fall down that cliff and survive, then mountain rescue to find me and rescue me. It's credit to them." said Daniel. "I have felt better certainly -- but luckily I do not feel worse." [BBC]

Image Credit: Steep Scotland