Meow Meow User Stabs Mum, Then Cuts His Own Penis Off at Christmas

By Gerald Lynch on at

In what will surely go down as the worst advertisement in history for the party drug mephedrone, a student is reported to have attacked his mother and mutilated himself while high during the holidays. That's one way to ruin Christmas.

The 19-year-old was said to have "flipped out" whilst visiting his family home in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, according to The Mirror. Stabbing his mother before slicing his own penis off, police found the student hanging out of his bedroom window covered in blood after his mother called 999 in the early hours of December 29th to report the incident.

Taken swiftly to hospital, the pair were said to have life-threatening injuries, though both are now well on the way to recovery -- the mother is said to be in a stable condition, while the son has had a successful operation to reattach his penis.

Mephedrone, also known as "meow meow", has been illegal in the UK since 2010. [The Mirror]

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