Migraine-Beating Brain EMP Approved for NHS Headache Sufferers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, a group that determines what treatments are made available to us on the NHS, has approved a magnetic brain massage system known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS. To treat migraines.

TMS uses a handheld device to deliver a magnetic pulse to the back of the head, supposedly lessening the symptoms endured by some migraine sufferers. The key benefit is that it's a physical treatment, and is therefore of use to people who can't take existing anti-head-explode medication and pregnant women.

NICE doesn't seem overwhelmed by the system, though, warning of its limited impact and the unknown long-term impact of regularly magnetising bits of your brain, saying: "Evidence on the efficacy of TMS for the treatment of migraine is limited in quantity and for the prevention of migraine is limited in both quality and quantity. Evidence on its safety in the short and medium term is adequate but there is uncertainty about the safety of long-term or frequency use of TMS." [Independent]

Image credit: Brain scan from Shutterstock