Milton Keynes, City of the Future, Launches Wireless Inductive Charging for Buses

By Gary Cutlack on at

The electric buses of Milton Keynes will soon be able to trundle about town all day on a single charge, thanks to the arrival of inductive charging pads that allow drivers to top up a vehicle's battery during stops.

The bus charges at the depot overnight as usual, but there's an inductive charge point located at the start and end of the electric bus route. During the ten minute pause at the end of each trip to the end of the line, the driver parks over the charging pads built into the road and lowers the bus' charging plates, giving the battery a quick top-up.

Contractor Arriva says this constant topping up is enough to allow the battery bus to complete its entire 16 or 17 hour working day on battery power alone. Eight of these buses will be servicing the city's Number 7 route, if you want to ride on one and have a marvel. [BBC]