Noel Clarke's Storage 24 is Lowest Grossing Film of 2013 in US, Taking Just £44

By Gerald Lynch on at

He may be a big star in the UK, but Brit-born Noel Clarke's attempt at breaking the US market has epically flopped. Storage 24, the sci-fi horror film he co-wrote and starred in made just £44 ($72) at the US box office last year, making it 2013's lowest grossing film. Ouch.

The Adulthood, Kidulthood and former Doctor Who star is attempting to pick up more attention in the US after nabbing a small role in last year's Star Trek Into Darkness. But, even when made with a nominal budget of £1.6 million, Storage 24 has struggled to recoup its costs. £44 -- that's about four people that went to see it then, right?

Going by a collection of reviews on Metacritic, it's not that bad, if overly reliant on sci-fi horror tropes established decades ago with the far superior Alien. And it's got a toy dog in it with fireworks strapped on. Worth the ticket price for that alone, right? [Guardian]