Now's Your Chance to Testmodo 4GEE and the Latest Smartphones (Updated)

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We're not going to lie, testing the latest gadgets isn't always a walk in the park. Sometimes a smartwatch clasp digs into our precious skin; occasionally a device makes us feel like a complete idiot using it; other times a gadget might actually make us weep in frustration. Most of the time however, gadgets remind us how lucky we are to live in such an advanced world -- which is how we hope you'll feel, taking part in our Testmodo challenge with EE.


What is Testmodo?

It's three lucky readers' chance to test out the superfast, ever-expanding 4GEE service, on three of the latest -- and hottest -- smartphones. Over three months, the three readers will each receive a new handset a month, and after following our challenges and writing a short review every two weeks for us, they'll get to keep all three pay as you go handsets they test. Everyone's a winner!


How do I enter?

Please email with your address, so we can check your area is covered by 4GEE. The network now covers 70 per cent of the population, aka, 160 towns and cities, but we want to ensure you'll get the most out of EE's super-fast 4G network if you're chosen -- you can inspect this by using EE's online coverage checker here. Also add a sentence or two on why you should be chosen, and if you want to go the extra mile, please include your Twitter handle, and a link to your blog if you have one.

Send this email before the final hour of Monday 3rd of February, or prepare to curse your dilly-dallying for a quarter of the coming year. It should be obvious, but you'll need to live in the UK to take part in this one.


What's in it for me?

Perhaps you have starry-eyed dreams about becoming a gadget reviewer. Perhaps you want to show off to your friends with a new phone every month, fact-checking their spurious pub talk by loading webpages using the UK's fastest 4G network. Or if you don't have any friends, maybe spending your days streaming TV shows, films and music while riding every bus line in your town or city sounds tempting.

Or maybe you just want to lord it over your Giz peers by bagging a byline every fortnight for three months. Heck, you might just want to unashamedly win a free phone (or three). Whatever's driving you to enter, do so now -- you have just seven days.

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A shortlist of entrants will be created after analysing their network coverage, with the final three participants being chosen by a panel of three judges from EE, Gizmodo UK, and an independent party.

The three participants will be required to comply with Future's standard competition T&Cs, which can be viewed here. In addition to these, readers should note that their personal data will only be used to ascertain good network coverage in their areas when selecting the final three contestants, and that the three contestants will each be given three pay as you go handsets to keep.

Updated: The three participants have been selected and contacted; congratulations to Craig, Amanda and Baij. Thanks to everyone for entering!