Office of Fair Trading Gives Developers Two Months to End Shady In-App Purchases Practises

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Office of Fair Trading wants UK app developers to comply with new guidelines put in place to protect parents from the dread of in-app purchases, with the threat of legal action if they fail to make it easier to stop kids racking up £1,000 on buying new hair for virtual teddies.

The OFT wants app developers to provide upfront details about in-app costs before download, asks that they avoid language that tries to "exploit a child's inexperience" by playing to a youngster's emotions ("Buy the dog food or Poppy DIES" etc) and should provide a clear line of contact with the developer should parents have a complaint or query.

Failure to comply by April 1st could result in legal action from the OFT or any angry dads who've had their credit cards cleaned out by an unsupervised child in need of some pretend gems and stars. [BBC]