London's Olympic Velodrome Re-Opens in March (and Schoolkids Will Ride for Free)

By Jack Tomlin on at

Lee Valley VeloPark in Stratford, London, has not been officially used since the 2012 Olympics. That's soon to change as the firm running the operation, Velo Events, is inviting corporations to bring their staff along for team-building exercises and the like, ultimately helping to subsidise free access to the park for schoolchildren.

The event space – which holds a velodrome, BMX course, road racing track and a mountain bike course – gives an opportunity to bolster the Olympic legacy that Lord Coe promised would inspire a generation. Velo Events say that March is already fully booked as they have been inundated with requests.

The corporate events cost around £2-3 per person per hour, which altogether will contribute to free pupil access to the 6000 seater dome. Revolutions, a World Cup event for track cycling, is also being held at the Velo Park across the 14th and 15th of March – with Olympic stars competing. [Standard]