On-Demand Stuff Gets a Promotion in Sky's Forthcoming EPG Update

By Gary Cutlack on at

Satellite TV king BSkyB has revealed a completely overhauled EPG, one that'll bring on-demand and older content to the main page of the boxes of its subscribers, seeing as we're all too busy on Twitter to watch anything live these days.

The refreshed Sky TV guide is built around a new home page that gives equal weight to streaming older shows as to watching live, with the guide also soon to offer direct links to Sky's on-demand film services and its own shop, plus categories to watch stuff by complete series or access the standard what's-on-now listings.

Also rather new is the addition of a search box, which Sky says ought to be able to pull anything out of the masses of on-demand and catch-up material it has access to. The new EPG ought to start hitting everyone's boxes some time during the spring.

Meanwhile, Sky's also announced an extension of its deal with HBO to co-develop and produce new content, to ensure its Sky Atlantic channel remains stuffed with decent US telly before it shows anywhere else. The Sky/HBO first-run deal has been extended until 2020. [Sky]