"Onesie Saved My Baby's Life", Says Woman That Gave Birth in the Leg of Her Onesie

By Gerald Lynch on at

Child birth; a beautiful, often messy, always painful thing. Rarely, however, is it also this embarrassing.

Heavily pregnant Jessica Wynter's Sunday morning was interrupted when her gestating tyke Kye decided it was time to get some fresh air, and in a hurry. Rushing to the hospital, Wynter didn't even have time to get out of her car once at King's College Hospital car park, with the new addition to the world forcing itself out and into the leg of the pyjama onesie Jessica was still dressed in.

"If I’d not been wearing it I don’t think Kye would have survived. It was incredibly lucky," Wynter told The Sun. "The onesie saved my baby's life".

It's a shame that children never remember those first moments of life, as that's a particularly memorable birth, and years down the line would have given Kye some ample ammunition when being a stroppy, argumentative, hormonal teen. [The Sun]

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