Plumen's Beautiful New Bulbs Make Low-Energy Into High Art

By Jamie Condliffe on at

A bulb is a bulb is a bulb. Wait, no, not—not when it looks like this it isn't. These energy-efficient bulbs make low power consumption a form of high art.

Designed by Plumen, which arguably created the first nice-looking energy efficient bulb back in 2011, this is the second model: Plumen 002. And, as every-day, essential objects go, it is drop-dead gorgeous. Created as an alternative to its first bulb, the 002 delivers warmer light, instead of the slightly cold, bluish beam delivered by the 001. So it's perfect for sociable spaces, like the living room or dining table.

The oo2 is actually designed as a replacement for 30W bulbs (the 001 is supposed to replace 60W incandescents), but it uses less than 25 percent of the electricity of the ol' fashioned type. But enough of the technicalities! What about that design? Plumen explains:

Through extensive research, play and experimentation we started getting excited about the idea of sculpting the tube, rather than drawing with it in straight, uniform lines. We realised we could create a looped channel whilst blowing the glass tube like a bottle to make a much more fluid and sensual form.

We found ourselves looking to sculptors like Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth for inspiration... With the freedom to create any three-dimensional form we liked, we wanted to try and capture this sense of 'the infinite' and this richness and complexity in our otherwise simplistic loop of light.

And, man, did they achieve it. The only real drawback to the bulb is that it's currently a Kickstarter project. Still, it's an established company, so it's likely to come to fruition. If you're interested, a $30/£18.30 pledge will snag you a bulb when they finally roll off the production line, while $95/£58 will get you a full-room set of four. [Kickstarter via Uncrate]

Plumen's Beautiful New Bulbs Make Low-Energy Into High Art

Plumen's Beautiful New Bulbs Make Low-Energy Into High Art