Police Called in to Calm Riotous Shoppers at 99p Store Half-Price Sale

By Jack Tomlin on at

Police had to assist a 99p store that was caught up in a fracas when shoppers scrambled to pick up 50p bargains as part of a closing-down sale in Wrexham, North Wales.

The store was advertised to be shutting-shop at the end of the month on the 28th of January. Shoppers flocked to the store and soon tensions built as more and more people attempted to pile in. A local reporter, Nathan Rowden of the Wrexham Leader, witnessed people queuing for two hours to get into the shop that was "chock-a-block" with bargain hunters. "They were letting people out but not in. People were coming out shouting, visibly very angry about it." Rowden explained.

Matters weren't helped when prices were put back up to 99p as news broke that the store's lease ending (which prompted the sale) had been reversed and that the shop would continue to trade, with all staff keeping their jobs. For those who crammed themselves inside, the 50-per-cent-off sale prices were honoured.

Tony Brown, the company's Chief Operating Officer, explained that a last minute deal with the landlord led to the cancelled closure and that "the instruction to the stores to terminate the sale was not intended to be with immediate effect." [BBC]

Image Credit: Money jar emptied from Shutterstock.com