Political Unrest in Ukraine? Blame it on John Terry

By Gerald Lynch on at

John Terry, England and Chelsea football star and holder of the "World's Worst Best Mate" title, has had another unexpected accolade attributed to him -- being called out as one of the causes of the current political turbulence in Ukraine. Um, yep...

Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych has cited John Terry's unfair past-the-goal line Euro Cup 2012 clearance as one of the motivators behind his countrymen's current civil unrest, dedicating several minutes of a 70-minute monologue directed at two US senators to the Ukrainian football team's disallowed goal.

It's a bizarre place for the Ukrainian leader to point the spotlight. I dislike Terry as much as the next morally-balanced football fan, but as a scapegoat amidst a swell of charged pro-EU sentiment, it's one area where, for once, Terry is free of blame. [Senator Chris Murphy via Metro]