Pregnancy Tests in Pubs to be Trialled to Help Mothers Know They're Knocked-up

By Gary Cutlack on at

We all know boozing while pregnant is bad and potentially damaging for the unborn baby. Problem is, some mothers aren't aware they're pregnant in the first months and get hammered anyway, so could putting pregnancy test kits in pubs help protect babies in their early stages of life?

That's one idea that'll be tested in 2014, thanks to plans to launch a pilot scheme in some pubs in the north-east. It's being led by foster mother Maria Catterick, who has been working with children suffering from Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), the brain damage that can appear in children of mothers who drank while pregnant.

Catterick suggests: "If a woman takes a pregnancy test before a big night out then it may reveal an unplanned pregnancy and could prevent a baby being exposed to damaging levels of alcohol." [BBC]

Image credit: Pregnancy test from Shutterstock