Report: Amazon Might Create an Online TV Service (Updated)

By Leslie Horn on at

The next company in a seemingly never-ending deluge of company working on some kind of online TV streaming service? It's Amazon, according to a WSJ report.

Amazon has apparently approached some major "media conglomerates" to strike up some deals for a service that would combine channels you might get on cable with content you could stream on Amazon Instant Video or its LoveFilm Instant services. As it often goes with these reports, the companies Amazon has been chatting up have not been named, although there are supposedly three of them, and they're presumably the networks you'd traditionally think of as mostly on your regular ol' television set.

The WSJ piece also mentioned that Amazon is reportedly working on its own set-top box, a la Roku, that may or may not come out some time in the next year. In light of all the rumours of the things Amazon is supposedly up to in the TV world, it's safe to say the company probably has something on the horizon. It's just not entirely clear what. [WSJ]

Updated -- While not ruling out the set-top box rumour, Amazon has now moved to distance itself from the suggestion it is creating an over-the-top TV service.

"We continue to build selection for Prime Instant Video and create original shows at Amazon Studios, but we are not planning to licence television channels or offer a pay-TV service," Drew Herdener, the company's vice president of public told Variety.

Image: Shutterstock/Ivan Josifovic