Residential "Mini Shard" Could Flank London's Tower of Sauron

By Gerald Lynch on at

Love the Tolkienesque Shard in Central London? Good, because it looks likely to get a little brother, standing right next to the city's most imposing tower.

The 27-storey block is being designed and developed by Renzo Piano and the Stellar Property group -- the same team behind the first Shard tower. With financial baking from the Qatari government, the baby Shard will be a 160,000 sq ft block, sitting on the current site of Fielden House, a 1970s office block on London Bridge street.

The new tower will be mostly residential, allowing for 150 apartments, as well as shops and landscaped gardens. Ahead of a planning application to Southwark council, a public consultation on the mini-Shard plans launches this week. Hobbits are NOT welcome. [Evening Standard]