RoboCop Steals the Show at CES 2027

By Gerald Lynch on at

I'm no Mystic Meg, but I've got a feeling that CES 2027 is going to be big on cybernetically enhanced law enforcement. I have seen the future, and that's thanks to RoboCop.

Or, more accurately, Sony's marketing team behind the up-and-coming reboot of the classic 80s action film. They've released this fictional CES 2027 keynote presentation from RoboCop's Omnicorp mega corporation, revealing the future man-meets-machine face of law enforcement. Something tells me a Bluetooth speaker isn't going to win "Best in Show" in 13 years time.

Yeah, it's a rip off of the incredible Prometheus TED talk teaser, but you can't fault Sony on the timing of this clip's release.

RoboCop hits UK cinemas on the 7th of February, and has the slightly dubious honour of making the cut onto both our "Most Wanted" and "Must Avoid" movie lists for 2014. [IGN]