Romantic Picnic Goes Astray When (Alleged) IT Consultant/Sheep Molester Turns Up

By Chris Mills on at

The classic romantic scene: grassy meadows, songbirds tweeting, sheep munching on grass and...a naked 61-year-old IT consultant trying to get it on?

According to a court case currently being heard at Wood Green Crown Court, this is what happened to a poor couple on a field next to the Spurs training ground in Enfield. Whilst enjoying a romantic picnic, the couple spotted Paul Lovell, a 61-year-old IT consultant, allegedly in the nude, trying to make sheep and cows perform sex acts with him. Naturally, they took a picture on their phone.

The defendant faces one charge of public indecency, and is currently released on bail, on the condition he doesn't go near any more sheep in the near future.

[Herts and Essex Observer]

Image credit: Sheep from Shutterstock